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The Workshop is NOW OPEN to everyone who wants to follow & build our NTW projects.

To purchase PLANS for the turbogenerator featured in our workshops, print & complete the order form on PNGinc’s site & send with your check or money order payment.

Latest Videos

07/22/14 - There’s a whole new series of videos on the Copperland Corporation YouTube channel that you may find valuable as you build your turbogenerators. Ken shares welding tips & tricks, reviews affordable shop equipment & more.

NTW members should also watch the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club YouTube channel! Live turbogenerator demos, construction & assembly how-to’s, and we plan to eventually film the step by step process of the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD turbine being built.

YouTube Micro-wind Turbine PM alternator basics

12/10/13 - YouTube video: "NTW Micro-wind turbine project: Permanent magnet alternator basics" by Ken Rieli.

"The most important part of wind turbine design is the right alternator that will deliver electrical current at low speeds." - New Turbine Workshop instructor Ken Rieli demonstrates how to replace an electromagnet rotor (60% efficiency) in automotive alternator with a super PM permanent magnet rotor (up to 98% efficiency) for his micro-wind turbine.
Tesla turbogen demonstration video, Ken Rieli

07/19/12 - View a Tesla turbogenerator test by Ken Rieli! One of his early versions from 2008 runs on compressed air at the New Turbine Workshop.


How-to Videos

Download New Turbine Workshop videos #1 through #4!

New Turbine Workshop

DIY Solar Trough Project:

  • Reflector materials & project overview,
  • Truss components,
  • Building the truss A-frame
  • Welding truss rails - Part I



Latest Class

Lesson 8 - Turbogenerator Construction: : Final Assembly, Ken Rieli






  • Preliminary Bill of Materials for the 7-inch turbogenerator... MORE...


CD Updates

  • 03/30/11 Lesson 8, page 9: “It’s always a good idea to run the oil pump for 30 seconds before powering the turbine. This saves on bearing wear.”
  • Turbogen inlet flange drawing updates 03/16/11... MORE...


Opening Statement from the Head Master

January 3, 2011

It’s a cold winter’s day here in northern Michigan. After a brief thaw at the end of December, we were immediately plunged into an Arctic blast out of Canada. The frigid cold is like the times we live in – too many frigid excuses from the rich class as to how and why they mismanaged the global economy... MORE


What’s Next:

  • NTW video: Welding truss rails - Part II
  • Ken is working on the solar tracking system.
  • Also plans to document heat output on the solar trough, once the front end is finished.

Stay tuned!

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