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Learn from the Leader

Ken Rieli is a global leader in disc turbine technology development. Since 2001 his company, PNGinc, has sponsored a popular online forum for Tesla disc turbine developers, including many how-to articles on turbogenerator applications in solar & thermal systems posted on the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club.

The New Turbine Workshop is a cost-effective educational experience in solar, wind & biomass steam /organic Rankine cycle turbogenerated power focused on building complete working systems.

The format we have chosen for this program is an online educational site which contains articles, progress reports, photos & video how-to’s in a practical, easy-to-understand, hands-on format.

ANYONE can follow the NTW projects & download classes & videos here. When you’re ready to build the turbogenerator component, simply order the plans & begin building.

Complete Plans

Purchase the $70 DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project ZIP digital version of our plans - or buy the mail-able version for $96 from our sponsor, Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc.

DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD

This CD contains complete plans for Ken Rieli’s 7-inch pressurized gas turbogenerator, which is the core technology around which NTW projects focus.

Ken Rieli's 7-inch pressurized gas Tesla Turbogenerator

Ken’s turbogenerator design

is capable of operating on BOTH steam and ORC fluids!


All technical details concerning wiring, set up of the closed-loop pressurized gas system, turbogenerator operation, front end heat sources (i.e. solar troughs, biomass furnace), tips and more will be posted on the New Turbine Workshop over time.

Workshop Location:

Online at (This exclusive forum  is now underway for those who purchase the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD!)

Class Schedule:

The road to energy independence is a long-term investment. Groundwork for New Turbine Workshop projects began in Spring 2010 and projects will continue as long as it takes. It will take most people a few years to put together complete systems & learn how to use them effectively. So, begin NOW! Here’s a link to start you on the right path.

Intended Audience:

  • Students who want to learn about the Engine of the 21st Century.
  • Hobbyists who tackle their own electrical & plumbing repairs
  • HVAC & plumbing professionals who want to upgrade their skills to include Renewable Energy turbogenerator systems
  • Educators who want to include steam or ORC turbine technology in their classes
  • Anyone interested in grassroots Renewable Energy industry

The New Turbine Workshop is intended for students, hobbyists & members of the free Phoenix Turbine Builders Club.

Commercial entities, product developers & manufacturers - contact PNGinc.

More Information:

Questions? Contact Pam Rieli


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