Water Power: Hydraulic Compressors

Hydraulically compressed air Tesla turbogenerators can be used for remote village building – or personal mining operations.

Victoria Mine, Michigan

Victoria mine hydraulic-compressorThe Taylor hydraulic compressor that operated at the old Victoria Mine (1840’s to 1921) supplied enough compressed air to run the mine’s hoists, rock crushers, drills, and even a short line railroad. - READ MORE

One Victoria-style hydraulic compressor with a well drilled 300 feet deep could power 1,200 homes with 48-kilowatt hours per day (2-kilowatt hours continuous per household) using:
250 10-kW disc turbogenerators, or 2,500 1-kW turbogens.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to get control of our lives & defeat greed capitalism through energy independence. Control utilities & you will control food, water & fuel for a sustainable future.

Building & working with Ken’s 1-kW turbogenerator featured on the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD is a great way to learn about Tesla’s amazing turbine, gain practical hands-on training in space-age power – and build your stairway to heaven.

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