Solar Engines

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Multiport steam Tesla Turbogenerator Demo #589

Multiport steam Tesla Turbogenerator Demo #589

Ken Rieli fires up his multi-port steam Tesla turbogenerator for visiting engineers. Compressed air tests were a big hit & generated lots of questions. DIY plans for this turbine's kissin' cousin are now only available on the Phoenix Navigation & Guidance Inc. site at

Energy security begins with Personal Power.

Here are 7 reasons why building a low-cost solar thermal  engine is the best choice for YOUR future - and the health of the  planet.

  • Reliable - Ultra-LOW maintenance
  • INFINITE Life! - NO replacement costs during your lifetime
  • One-time LOW cost - Needs NO government incentives
  • High thermal efficiency - Combined heat & power from Free Energy!
  • This engine LOVES heat! - the more the better
  • Non-polluting - uses NO toxic materials, emits NO greenhouse gases
  • Protects our water resources - Needs NO water for cooling


The solar engine featured in our New Turbine Workshop is not finicky like Stirling engines, and does not nag at you with high  maintenance demands like diesel/gas generators. - And it will NEVER endanger the planet with radioactive steam, deadly PV manufacturing chemicals, or high-level nuclear waste disposal.

Electric-only chemical PV panels can never approach the  high thermal efficiency of disc-type solar turbogenerators. This solar  engine will not degrade performance as photovoltaic panels are known to  do & it needs no cooling system, as in the case of Stirling &  piston engines.

Best of all, by generating our own personal power from the sun, we gain freedom from soaring costs of centralized energy.

And our grandchildren will thank you for a cleaner environment.

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