Comments that our educational efforts have generated over the years

Over 1,600 DIY’ers and renewable energy developers have benefitted from our online education & hands-on training workshops at the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club.


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“I am an Electrical Process Engineer looking into building a cost effective Solar to Electric system for my home but potentially as a sellable product to other home owners.”

Michael, Alabama

“I have been following the solar dish and turbine project for several years. I have an 8 FT polished AL dish that's ready for a generator to be placed at the focal point. All I need are ideas on how to construct the generator. “

Maynard, Illinois


“Interested in solar power for the home. Excited that someone is trying to do something as a backyard project. Want to learn what is possible.”

William, Pennsylvania


“I'm in the development stage of building a solar steam generator. I love your web sites and have gotten a lot of useful information. thanks”

John, Arizona


“I am  excited about building a turbine system, with a view to  running my home completely on alternate energy.

Andre, Barbados

Mike, Ohio

“I am a tool-die and mold maker. I enjoy building things. Just bought a lathe and small milling machine. Now I can build a Tesla engine and work towards getting off the power grid too.”

Bruce, North Carolina

“Just found your site. I have a cnc mill and would love to start experimenting. I assume that I'll need to build a turbine first, then a solar collector. Looks like lots of good info!”

Don, California

“Solar pool heater mfg. co., looking into solar steam & power generation for end users.”

Sebastian, Florida


“Hvac serviceman with interest in alternative homemade energy systems and grid independence.”

Eric, Oregon

“I'm a mechanical engineer devoted to refrigeration. Started reading about turbines and want to build one (that works) with the students at College.”

Gonzalo, Florida

“Yes we the people have to get off of our lazy butts. What has any government done well or efficiently? Nothing, That's why groups like this club could really make a difference.”

Bob, Indiana

“I own a radiator repair service. I have a lathe, an old horizontal miller, welders, etc. I am not college educated but have a lot of experience with mechanical equipment.”

William, Pennsylvania

“I am interested in alternate energy technologies and hope to start a company selling environmental products.”

Peter, Canada

“anesthesiologist and inventor interested in renewable electric production ...”

Jim, Arizona

“Like many others I have a desire to build something practical to use the sun's energy.”

Brion, Illinois

“I work in medium size company where I am searching for new business opportunities. Renewable energy is my hobby. I would like to test your turbine with solar photothermal vacuum tubes collector. May be we do some business together.”

David, Czech Republic

“Trying to build alternative energy cogen into a family-run hotel.”

Danijel, Croatia

“Retired engineer. Interested in low cost prime mover(s) capable of generating a few 100W to a few KW.”

Sam, Texas

“I've been looking for a clean energy source that i can produce on my own. solar panels are still to costly. I came across this website two days ago and i think this is where I will find what I'm looking for. thanks”

Chris, South Carolina

“I am a HVAC engineer and would like to build a small electrical turbine generator.”

George, Scotland

“Retired control and robotics engineer, setting up our home as an energy self sufficient test station. We have purchased a minifarm ( 85,000 SF ) Will be experimenting with solar heat, solar steam , ethanol production etc.”

Gilles, Canada

“Fascinating! My goals are in the direction of home technologies. off-grid electricity, heating/cooling and my transportation needs. I'm thinking electricity from Tesla turbine generator. and heat/cool/elec with backups.”

Brian, Tennessee

“Weekend warrior interested in alternative energy and high temp storage media systems. Been tinkering with high temp focused arrays and optics to generate steam. I’m fascinated with the Tesla Turbine design and its capacity to convert gas into usable energy. “

David, Colorado

“Humanitarian, inventor, self taught engineer and machinist one that believes there are alternatives to the utility companies and the oil companies of the world. Love to experiment and test new ideas.”

Greg, Arizona

“I am planning on building a compressed earth block home & I need some sort of emergency back up generator. I just heard about this Tesla bladeless turbine. Absolutely fascinating idea. “

Nolan, Texas

“I want to contribute in the combat against global warming by helping to develop small scale cost effective solar energy systems for decentralised use. I am an electrical engineer and an analog IC designer as well as a DIY-er and a tinkerer. After having read Tim Flannery's book "The weather makers" I feel I want to apply my skills to more important things than designing IC's for cell phones.”

Vincenzo, California

“This site seems to be the answer to a prayer... a simple generating system to 'get off the grid'.

Robert, Massachusetts

“I came across the site and the exact design I had envisioned was there in glorious color. My idea had been in my mind's eye for over twenty years. A parabolic reflector -- concentrating solar to produce a high temp gas -- turning a turbine to produce electricity. Thanks for the great site.”

Jim, Georgia

“This is an amazing club which I personally have found very informative and helpful while building my Tesla Turbine.”

Luke, Malta

“Interested in applying solar, wind, and turbine technologies in Massachusetts and Baja California Sur, Mexico. I have modest electronic and computer skills; worked in a machine shop 40 years ago, but no experience since.”

Lloyd, Massachusetts

“Occupation: Mechanical Engineer in major Photonics Company - very interested in building home-based electrical and thermal energy system for our B&B in the Sierra Nevadas - my goal is to remain on the grid and consistently turn the meter backwards”

Joseph, California

“built a small hydro electric plant---- am interested in organic rankine cycle .. “

Chris, New Hampshire

“My main interest is going off grid completely using a small turbine powered by solar steam, either a small heliostat or parabolic dish/mirror. I'm also interested in building my own generator, the idea being, that if I've built the system it will be 1) Simple, by default and 2) Maintainable by me.”

Bryan, Iowa

“I'm a retired system engineer who's become an adjunct professor at Florida Tech. I teach the renewable energy course. I just got a C-band dish with expanded mesh and intend to cover it with "a reflector" (TBD) for nonimaging focus. Your website gives me many ideas to develop a thermal system.”

Frank, Florida

“We have some of the highest if not the highest incidence of solar radiation on the planet. Unfortunately coal is plentiful and cheap, and instead of developing solar solutions we stay with fossils. We have many sites where a solar turbine may be an economically viable and competitive solution”

Johan, South Africa

“I'm looking to make a closed loop self contained energy system.”

Keith, Washington

“I have over 30 years of experience in renewable energies. My passion is Green Buildings which export energy to local grids at peak demand.”

Peter K, Canada

“Going off the grid

Mike, Arizona

“Interested in duplicating some of the projects at home for community demonstration as well as building a deeper understanding of the technology for future improvement efforts.”

David, Texas

“Designed and built our passive solar house 25 years ago-want to be off-grid within next 2 years, using PV,hot water panels, parabolic dish-stirling, windmill/solar chimney combinations. But the tesla sounds very promising-might use that instead of stirling. This is a great site - looking forward to expanding my knowledge base.”

Jeff, Pennsylvania

“I love DIY and have been interested in DIY energy for years!!”

John, Oregon

“We live on 40 acres in southern, coastal Oregon. I am interested in building a Tesla turbine for various uses here on the farm (i.e. power generation, pumping, etc). It seems I'm a year behind (or more) as I haven't begun my project as yet; however, I'll try not to pester too much! By the way, I would like to say that your website is the absolute best regarding in-depth information on the Tesla turbine.”

Dennis, Oregon

“I came across the Solar Furnace article in a Google search,
and backtracked to your website, where I have spent the last 3 hours bringing myself up-to-date on your endeavors... Bravo to your group!!! “

Stuart, Missouri

“I want to build a solar power system for a house.”

Robert, California

“Working on a sustainability project in  the Amazon. Want to build a Tesla turbine using renewable fuels.”

Leo, South America

“Very interested in all aspects of solar energy. Plan to build a solar furnace system capable of heating my 2500 sf home.”

Jodie, Maine


“I am a second class steam engineer that runs a 10 meg. turbine for a city power plant, we burn coal to fire the boilers. I am looking for a small turbine to build to run my home. I have built many boilers and a traction engine, Have my own machine shop with lathe, mill, broach, hyd. press and more. looking forward in starting this project.”

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