New Turbine Workshop classes - NOW AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE!

  • Opening Statement from the Head Master, Ken Rieli
  • Introduction: Turbine system basics & building real machinery
  • Lesson 1 - Turbogenerator Construction: Shaft Assembly
  • Lesson 2 - Turbogenerator Construction: Bearing Case
  • MORE!
  • Download class schedule...

Projects in Progress

New Turbine Workshop - Arizona project

Tabor Tollefson (Pima College, AZ) is using his machinist skills to build the Tesla Turbogenerator featured at the New Turbine Workshop

Experimenter's Tesla Turbine project

Brad Erlwein (Fredonia, PA) is building the 4.5” Experimenter’s Tesla Turbine from plans on the DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD

NOW SHOWING at the New Turbine Workshop!

Tesla-turbo-LIVE! free video download

DOWNLOAD here: Tesla Turbogenerator LIVE!


Tesla turbogenerator test by Ken Rieli

Full version demonstration video: Tesla turbogenerator designed & built by Ken Rieli

NTW Video How-to - DIY solar trough project (shown below)

Ken Rieli, instructor at the New Turbine Workshop

Build a low-cost solar trough for the closed-loop steam/ORC Tesla turbogenerator system at the New Turbine Workshop.

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