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Welcome DIY’ers! The password has been removed from the Workshop area -

 it is now OPEN TO ALL who want to follow our projects.

Project in Progress

Build an industrial-quality, working Tesla Turbogenerator designed by Ken Rieli for under $500 in materials! Then follow along in the New Turbine Workshop as we show you how to build a complete pressurized gas solar turbogenerator system - step by step.

  • Reliable solar heat engine for off-grid personal power
  • INFINITE life engine!
  • LOW maintenance.
  • High efficiency CHP combined heat & power
  • Complete DIY plans & online workshop classes.
  • How-to videos
DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project CD

New Turbine Workshop hands-on build project: DIY Tesla Turbogenerator Project


Tesla turbine assembly TIPS by Ken Rieli

NEW! Tips from Ken Rieli - now on YouTube:

"Tesla Turbogenerator Assembly Tips - Part 1 (from video #579)"

  • Steam generator water drains
  • Key to running bearings at high speed
  • Wiring stators in series/parallel to change output voltage
  • Oil cooled alternator tips
  • Overcoming super magnets’ hold
  • How to achieve gas tight joints at nozzle inlets
  • MORE.


NTW Micro-wind turbine tower

The New Turbine Workshop team raises the tower for the micro-turbine generator. Download the video on our Micro-wind page.



Tesla turbogenerator test by Ken Rieli!


(49.3MB - WMV video)

*Full version - Members-only video at the New Turbine Workshop video center.

Video How-to’s

  • DIY solar trough project! Build a low-cost solar trough for the closed-loop steam/ORC Tesla turbogenerator system at the New Turbine Workshop.
  • Vertical axis wind turbine for personal power from low-wind situations.

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